Inset Stoves

  • Charnwood Bay 5

    The Bay is an award winning wood burning stove from Charnwood. The stove features a large landscape window. Delivering 5kW of heat to the room the Bay features new burn technology and is incredibly simple to operate with one single air control and a cool-to-touch handle.

  • Charnwood Bay VL

    The Bay VL is a more contemporary addition to the Bay range. The firebox of the stove is the same as the original Bay 5 but the VL features a large landscape window framed with a sharp edged surround for a more clean lined look.

  • Charnwood C4 Insert

    Based on the free standing C-Four this stove is designed to fit into a standard fireplace. Featuring a single air control and an integrated outlet for ducting external air the C-Four Insert burns exceptionally clean with outstanding efficiency. This stove also features our renowned converting grate for efficient multi fuel burning and meets the DEFRA requirements for smoke control exemption; allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas.

  • Charnwood SLX 20i & 20fs

    The Charnwood SLX 20 is a multi-fuel stove with a more contemporary feel and sophisticated operation. It simplifies the real fire process: burning less fuel, more cleanly with maximum efficiency and low emissions all this whilst retaining a simple, stylish look. The SLX 20 has been carefully designed to get the very best out of the fuel that is burnt. This can be wood, smokeless fuel or briquettes. All these fuels can be burnt at optimum efficiency, on the well-proven Charnwood converting grate. This is the same grate used in our Country 16b and all Cove and Island models: the best grate system on the market. Simple, clean and highly effective.

  • Contura i30

    Create your own fireplace with a high quality insert and generous expanse of glass. The Contura i30 fireplace insert has a straight door that must be lifted to be opened and closed. The efficient combustion technology quite simply gives more heat from the wood.

  • Contura i31A

    The Contura i31A fireplace has an artstone surround. Artstone is a white cast stone, unique to Contura. The fireplace has a large glass door that gives the impression of an open fire.

  • Contura i31S

    The Contura i31S fireplace is clad in walnut brown sandstone that gives a cosy, exclusive style to the home. The fireplace has a large glass door that is opened by pushing upwards. Contura i31 can also be combined with heat-retaining powerstone.

  • Contura i31T

    The i31T fireplace, clad in natural heat-retaining soapstone, gives economical heating. The heat-retaining soapstone has a natural pattern, no two are alike. The fireplace can also be combined with heat-retaining powerstone.

  • Contura i4 Classic

    My fire transcends the boundary between tradition and modern design. I really have a passion for our traditions and go mad at flea markets and in antique shops. Why buy new and mass-produced when there are so many beautiful, old things of much better quality? There are limits however, our forefathers were not superior at everything. How lucky then that it is possible to combine good, old tradition with new and better technology, without losing the English classical expression.

  • Contura i4 Modern

    The insert in our new chimneybreast has become a brilliant and vivid painting. It sits high up so the fire can be seen throughout the room. We never get tired of it, it is just as good after the fire has gone out and we sleep soundly in the lingering heat from the chimneybreast.

    Available with 4 sided or 3 sided frame.

  • Contura i40

    Create your own fireplace with a high quality insert and generous expanse of glass. The Contura i40 fireplace insert with an angled guillotine door gives you new options to create a unique fireplace. The large expanse of angled glass shows a lot of the fire. The generous glass area and our Clean Burning System means that you see the maximum amount of fire.

  • Contura i41A

    The Contura i41A fireplace has an angled door and is clad in artstone. Artstone is a stained white cast stone, unique to Contura. The door can be angled to the left or right to meet your needs. Add extra details such as a shelf and bench in black granite.

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