Product detail

Morsø S122-22

Morsø S122 is an impressively large through wall firebox, that beautifully and efficiently distributes comfort and warmth to the surrounding areas.

The advanced combustion system meets the strictest requirements. This coveted stove has a large glazed door and clean, air was system that both give a fantastic view of fire and turns the wall to flames.

A built-in fireplace saves space and can therefore easily be fitted into most homes.

The strong door construction ensures tightness and safe operation throughout the lifetime of the fireplace. S122-22 is available with a frictionless guillotine door closing system.


Morsø S122-22 Features

  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combution air
  • Airwash system

Technical Overview

  • Energy Performance
  • Rated output – 10 kw
  • Height – 1358-1558 mm
  • Width – 963 mm
  • Depth – 543 mm
  • Flue pipe – Ø 180
  • Fresh air pipe – Ø 150
  • Fuel – Wood