Product detail

Morsø S120-21

Morsø S120 is a through wall firebox with glass on both sides, allowing the flames, fire and warmth to be enjoyed in two separate areas at the same time.

The wide format of the stove will spread comfort through any home. The built in fireplace fits in perfectly with stylish furnishings, and the aesthetic effect of the flames inspires thoughts of a beautiful painting or a modern flat screen TV.

The Morsø 120 tunnel inset fireplace can be supplied either with a folding door, which gives a fantastic view of the flames (S120-21) or with a frictionless guillotine door. (S120-22)


Morsø S120-21 Features

  • Convection System
  • Pre-heated combution air
  • Airwash system

Technical Overview

  • Energy Performance
  • Rated output – 10 kw
  • Height – 1121-1324 mm
  • Width – 773 mm
  • Depth – 511 mm
  • Flue pipe – Ø 180
  • Fresh air pipe – Ø 125
  • Fuel – Wood